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“These guys rock as a full service, ecommerce agency and developer. I have worked with them for years and they always deliver beyond expectations.”

Head of eCommerce, Global Retailer

About us

Our mission is to move commerce forward

We are a US-based 17-yr old commerce agency. We serve North American merchants, brands and distributors in multiple industry verticals such as CPG / FMCG, Fashion Apparel, Automotive, Health & Wellness, Sporting Goods, Hardware/Home Improvement and others. Our service offerings include Strategy, Digital Infrastructure, Commerce Operations, and Enterprise Data & Analytics.

Our Vision

Be a premier digital transformation consultancy that powers online commerce by providing a mix of innovative technology and business services to merchants. We connect evolving sales channels and systems that enable truly personalized commerce at scale.

Core Values

Build Trust

Reliability and trust are important values we foster, and that’s what our customers and partners get. With a focus on building open and transparent relationships based on mutual interest, you can benefit from a true long-lasting business partnership

Create Value

We help you grow your market share, increase revenues, lower costs, and mitigate risks. Always a step ahead, and advising you all the way, we enjoy the thrill of thoughtfully solving complex and unique business challenges. You’ll always get the best of our work effort, creativity and ingenuity. 

Lead by Example

We treat others as we want to be treated. We lead by a strength of character and act towards our team members, customers and partners in a way that we expect them to act.

Act with Integrity

We will act as your advocate throughout this process. Your goals and needs are our primary focus. Through a potential process involving a lot of vendors, we will always provide recommendations and best practices that best align to your business.

Never Stop!

We believe in continuous and consistent effort applied over time. We don’t give up despite the challenges. Applying our skills and knowledge in a systematic and focused way, ensures you are primed for success. Pushing forward in driving positive change, you’ll get a relentless workforce until your goals are met. 

Meet the team

Our leaders

Sergei Chief Executive Officer
Denise COO & Head of Delivery
Eduardo Chief Technical Officer
Andy Head of Strategy & Analytics

our specialists

Alejandra Technical Lead
Alex Technical Lead
Alejandro Developer
Alexei Developer
Andrés Developer
Andrii Product Engineer
Brad Technical Lead
Bruno Developer
Celeste Developer
Christine Project Manager
Clara Developer
Dima Technical Lead
Dmitriy Quality Assurance
Dmytro Developer
Dmytro Developer
Dmytro Developer
Elena Finance
Evgeniy Analyst
Facundo Developer
Francisco Developer
Francisco Developer
Gerardo Technical Lead
Horacio Technical Lead
Irene Designer
Iryna Finance
Jake Project Manager
Janell Project Manager
Jevgen Quality Assurance
John Account Manager
Juan Diego Technical Lead
Julian Technical Lead
Karina Senior UX Architect
Kirill Developer
Maia Quality Assurance
Marcos Developer
Mariana Recruiter
Marianela Developer
Marina Recruiter
Marina Marketing Manager
Milagros Developer
Nick Project Manager
Olha Quality Assurance
Olha Finance
Omar Developer
Pau Developer
Rodrigo Quality Assurance
Rostyslav Developer
Sarah Project Manager
Sergey Developer
Sergey Developer
Shideh Project Manager
Slava Technical Lead
Stanislav Developer
Tatiana Developer
Vlad Technical Lead
Yelena QA Manager

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