Mira Commerce CEO, Sergei Ostapenko, featured on BigCommerce’s The Make it Big Podcast, Ep. 18

Mira Commerce CEO & President, Sergei Ostapenko, joins BigCommerce’s Product Marketing Manager and B2B expert, Fiona Norton on BigCommerce’s The Make it Big Podcast to discuss the current and future state of B2B eCommerce. In this episode, Sergei and Fiona explore top current B2B trends, emerging trends to carry B2B business into the future, and how B2Bs are uplevelling their ecommerce experience.

Sergei is featured on the Podcast among other globally renowned entrepreneurs and experts. Sergei offers his expert insights from a seasoned background as an entrepreneur and eCommerce Strategy Leader for mid-market and enterprise businesses. “I feel so excited for the opportunity to be part of this show. Mira Commerce has been in business for over 18 years as a full-service technology consulting company in commerce. We’re an Elite agency partner of BigCommerce and are members of the BigCommerce advisory board in North America. I really appreciate the partnership and the great people of BigCommerce who support us and our clients,” says Sergei.

The episode airs March 28, 2022 and can be streamed on Apple, Spotify, Google and Youtube through The Make it Big Spotify Channel or at www.bigcommerce.com/make-it-big/podcast/. Tune in to get must-know strategies that will transform your B2B business and uncover the must-know B2B trends for 2022.